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Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sat Sep 13 04:12:00 PDT 2008

Lefteris Dimitroulakis wrote:

> With all due respect to lfs-dev's, to you and to the holly book,
> it will be very bizarre if lfsbook uses the Man package
> and at the same time is claiming
> that the included in the package man-pages
> are NOT readable for whatever reason.

Let's clarify the situation a bit. There are three possible outcomes for "man 
foo" in the ru_RU.UTF-8 locale:

1) Glibberish (unacceptable, but, unfortunately, what happens if the system is 
misconfigured by an English-speaking editor who doesn't know how to test the 
2) "No such manual page" (well, OK if it indeed doesn't exist)
3) English manpage (acceptable, although not ideal)
4) Russian manpage.

Reaching (4) means non-default configuration of Man that has to be explained. 
Explanation means understanding by editors. Are you sure that 
English-speaking editors have motivation to understand all the details and can 
immediately see their errors? Do you know that, in the past, some 
English-speaking readers refused to follow the new book after "magic" (from 
their viewpoint, i.e., "not understandable") changes in man setup happened 
and "magic" patches were added to coreutils, grep and diffutils, and that we 
lost some editors due to the same reason? Such "magic" patches undermine the 
educational nature of the book. You see - there is a fundamental conflict 
between "100% correct" and "educational", so a proposal is being made to 
adopt a suboptimal, but easily understandable setup. (no offense meant to 
English-speaking editors and readers in this paragraph)

So: do you mean "it will be very bizarre if lfsbook uses the Man package and 
at the same time produces glibberish" (which I agree with) or "it will be 
very bizarre if lfsbook uses the Man package and at the same time patches it 
to never display translated manual pages, even though they are installed"?

> And yes, I use the default /etc/man.conf.
> and my personal files for configuration needed in order
> to read man-pages in the encoding of my preference,
> legacy or utf8.

Very interesting, however, on my system, no packages installed Greek manual 
pages. Where you got them from, except the "man" package (that doesn't install 
them if one passes "+lang none")?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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