Building SVN-20081028 on a Playstation 3

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at
Wed Oct 29 02:28:07 PDT 2008

Selon John Frankish <frankish at>:

> Hi,
> My apologies if this is the wrong list for this post..
> Due to the fact that lfs SVN-20081028 uses gcc-4.3 and a 2.6.27
> kernel, which both contain various ps3 specific optimisation
> possibilities, I'm very interested by the idea of building an lfs
> system on a Playstation 3 using ydl-6 as a host.
> I've found almost nothing ps3 specific on the lfs site - other than
> some sbu information proving that somebody must have been successful
> - are there any lfs/ps3 guidelines/tips/howtos around that might
> avoid some blundering around in the dark?
> Note I'll almost certainly go ahead anyway...
> John
On ipcop svn, we are able to build for ppc-32 mostly following lfs instructions.

I should say I don't know if ps3 is a 32 or a 64b system.

Our instructions are in overall not far from lfs instructions from a few weeks
ago (but the form sligthly differ related to lfsmake-like files usage).
We actually stay on gcc-4.2 and the move from 2.6.25 to 2.6.27 kernel is not yet

The only big problem we have is that our initramfs is bigger than 6MB and even
with most recent yaboot git version, this does not boot (tested on a G3 350).
For a build on a dedicated machine, that should be easy to reduce drivers number
and so initramfs size, so it simply work again.


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