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Sun Oct 26 23:53:42 PDT 2008

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 09:03:53 +1100
Greg Schafer <gschafer at zip.com.au> wrote:

> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > Umm, no.  jhalfs parses the xml of the book and creates a Makefile that builds 
> > by the LFS book.  Actually, it is quite convenient.
> Umm, yes. It's *VERY* convenient. I should know..
> (Me wonders if Bruce realizes the whole "build straight from the doc"
> concept in jhalfs is based on my own practices in DIY? Which in turn was
> based on the old lfscmd from about 8 years ago? :-)
> But getting back on topic, I should really write up some proper docs on
> ICA some day, instead of relying on the random mailing list spatterings
> over the years.
> Regards
> Greg

Blessed is a sinner come to repentance.


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