[LFS Trac] #1774: Missing ld-new causes breakage in 5.7 Adjusting the Toolchain

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Sun Oct 26 03:18:49 PDT 2008

#1774: Missing ld-new causes breakage in 5.7 Adjusting the Toolchain
 Reporter:  peterennis at yahoo.com          |        Owner:  lfs-book at linuxfromscratch.org
     Type:  enhancement                   |       Status:  closed                       
 Priority:  normal                        |    Milestone:  6.2                          
Component:  Book                          |      Version:  SVN                          
 Severity:  normal                        |   Resolution:  invalid                      
 Keywords:  adjusting toolchain breakage  |  
Comment (by schiffsratte):

 I run into this prob today (while working on  svn 20081023)
 I just didn't pay attention obviously as I have made a break at this point
 (which is not a good idea, maybe) and ended up without a ld-new at this
 point (6.10 I also did this step twice).
 As this topic so far didn't make it into the book as far as I can see,
 maybe as a hint, I'd like to mention that making binutils pass2 (5.12.1)
 again as lfs-user outside the chroot-env, with the preparations for the
 re-adjusting the toolchain as mentioned there, did the trick for me.
 After that I could finish chapter 6.10 without errors.
 Just as a hint for all those, who will run into this

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