Please review for Man-DB changes

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Oct 25 00:18:13 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Thank you again for the detailed critique, suggestions and examples.  
> You've been a great help.  I'll have another go at it using your text above.
OK, I think this is almost the final...

...I have a couple of questions:

I added a bit more (prematurely) in how Man-DB uses the table to figure 
out which supported directories to search (at least I believe that is 
how it works...trying to verify tomorrow morning), and then determining 
the encoding by extension, or by table lookup.  If incorrect, I've saved 
the old text.  Let me know, if you know the answer already.

I also might have overstepped my bounds a bit when I included the other 
distributions mess and added "...and even worse yet, unreadable error 
messages when a suitable manual page is not found."  I know that you've 
piped in on this before, but I'm unclear of the scope.  Was this an LFS 
only problem in that we didn't pass '+lang none' to Man's build?  I 
thought it would make a nice addition, but now I'm not so sure.  If 
inappropriate,  not technically correct, or no longer valid, it will be 

Also, I think the one line paragraph above the table can be removed 
completely since the table is explained in the paragraph above that, but 
I'm not sure.

Any additional comments or suggestions are again welcomed.

-- DJ Lucas

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