Current state of i18n

William Immendorf computerperson1 at
Mon Oct 20 18:28:54 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:

>This is long, but mostly just test output.  This tested on a box from 
>20081012 with the added coreutils-i18n patch.  Apparently, grep still 
>has an issue.  Need to see if we can dig up the proper patch or changes 
>necessary to make it work correctly, and we still need to kill 
>vi_VN.TCVN in GLibc.  We find that coreutils is OK with the
>i18n patch (or at least as well as it was, however it has introduced a 
>test suite
>failure).  All output below is correct unless noted inline with ## comments.

As for the i18n patch, I am going to say, 'No way, Jose.'
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