Minimum Host Prerequisites

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 20 08:21:33 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> That's interesting Jeremy, but as a minimum, I wouldn't want to make the changes 
> for LFS 6.4.  I don't think you are proposing that but I wanted to make it explicit.

Yes, I wasn't aiming for 6.4. As I said, these changes will be going 
into the jh branch. The only thing holding me back from doing that now, 
is that I want to finish up the 64-bit items first (read boot loader) so 
that it's an easy merge to trunk from the branch.

> Now we know more, but working with very old distros like RH 6.2 is not most 
> user's focus.  After all, overcoming Linux 0.01 only requires a LiveCD.

Understood. The real value to me is what things we catch by trying to 
build on such 'broken' systems. Working on such an old distro has 
allowed me to discover some interesting things about our build. I 
wouldn't have noticed the problem with the fixed includes without it - 
that little bug might have stayed in LFS for quite a while, especially 
since Greg is now focused on a different build method entirely.


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