Toolchain Adjustment broken?

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 20 06:21:25 PDT 2008

Greg Schafer wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> I think this is the right answer. Greg, if you're reading, do you have 
>> any comments to make on this topic?
> None at all, sorry. Next Gen build method utilizes cross compilation for
> the initial Pass 1 toolchain which avoids fixincludes problems altogether.
> But I suspect you're right in that the current LFS dev build is wrong. But
> I can't say for sure because - the old build method is just so dated,
> clunky, inefficient, etc - that I refuse to waste brain cells on it :-)

Yeah, if you recall, even before you devised your next gen method, this 
is the direction Alexander and I wanted to go, and I do think it's the 
right way.

LFS moves slowly, though, and people are pushing for a release in the 
near future. So that means making sure the current build method works. 
After that, we can start looking at cross compiling the initial 
toolchain like you do.


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