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Sat Oct 18 21:05:24 PDT 2008

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Robert Connolly wrote:
> On Saturday October 18 2008 10:10:57 pm Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>>>> 2247	Texinfo 4.13a ( repackage due to maintainer error )
>> I just pulled down texinfo-4.13a.tar.gz and texinfo-4.13.tar.gz --
>> and their md5sums are *identical*.  Extracting each into its own
>> directory also shows no differences (via diff -ur).
>> I don't think there's any reason to change the version in the book.
>>  Either the 4.13a tarball got released with the same bug, or the
>> 4.13 tarball got updated as well as pushing out a 4.13a.  *shrug*
> This is not the first time Texinfo has releases a new version and
> changed the checksum on the previous version. Last time it was
> because of updated license files. Check the diffs if you like.

Well, when I wrote the above I wasn't sure how to tell which of those
two alternatives happened (whether the .13a release has the same issue
as .13, or whether .13 got updated).  But then I looked at the book SVN
rev where it got updated (on Oct. 7) -- and the texinfo entities in the
book got modified to these:

<!ENTITY texinfo-version "4.13">
<!ENTITY texinfo-md5 "71ba711519209b5fb583fed2b3d86fcb">

And, interestingly enough:

$ md5sum texinfo-4.13.tar.gz texinfo-4.13a.tar.gz
71ba711519209b5fb583fed2b3d86fcb  texinfo-4.13.tar.gz
71ba711519209b5fb583fed2b3d86fcb  texinfo-4.13a.tar.gz

Looks like either the .13a tarball has the same bug (if it is a bug), or
the .13a release had already updated .13 by the time we pulled it down.
Since the date on the GNU site is 22-Sep., and the rev was committed on
7-Oct., I'm guessing the latter is what happened.  I.e., we already have
the newer version (and so will users), and its checksum is fine.

> I suggest bumping to the new checksum and file,

The checksum is the same; bumping the version would change only the
&texinfo-version; entity.

> or else there will be bug reports and bad checksums.

Yeah, it might be confusing to some people if the version # is
different.  Fine by me either way.  (Though the checksums will be fine;
see above.)

> I haven't checked the differences,

I wish I *could* check the differences; I'm curious what they changed.
I can't seem to find the original texinfo-4.13 package anywhere...  :-(

Oh well.
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