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Sat Oct 18 19:10:57 PDT 2008

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OK, some useful info this time (instead of a state dump...):

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Right now there are a few of tickets outstanding with regard to updated packages 
>> or patches to packages that we need to address before a package freeze.  We need 
>> to either agree to update or reset the target milestone to either 7.0 or future.
>> 2226	Vim mandir patch ( really just an optimization )

Slight preference for an option to make ("make MANDIR=/usr/share/man").

>> 2227	Perl-5.10.0 issues ( functional problems )
>> 2233	Linux
>> 2246	Tcl 8.5.5

No opinion yet on these...

>> 2247	Texinfo 4.13a ( repackage due to maintainer error )

I just pulled down texinfo-4.13a.tar.gz and texinfo-4.13.tar.gz -- and
their md5sums are *identical*.  Extracting each into its own directory
also shows no differences (via diff -ur).

I don't think there's any reason to change the version in the book.
Either the 4.13a tarball got released with the same bug, or the 4.13
tarball got updated as well as pushing out a 4.13a.  *shrug*

>> 2248	E2FsProgs 1.41.3

What does this gain us?  From the release notes (and William, if you're
watching, this is generally the information we put into package update
bugs, so that they're actually useful!):

- -----

* E2fsck has been fixed so it prints the correct inode number for
uinit_bg related problems.

* E2fsck will now offer to clear the test_fs flag if the ext4 filesystem
is available on linux.  This can be disabled via a configuration option
in /etc/e2fsck.conf.

* Fix a file descriptor leak in libblkid when checking to see if an ext4
or ext4dev module exists.

* Fix a bug in e2fsck where in preen mode, if there are disk I/O errors
while trying to close a filesystem can lead to infinite loops.
(Addresses Red Hat Bugzilla #465679)

* Fix a bug in resize2fs where passing in a bogus new size of 0 blocks
will cause resize2fs to drop into an infinite loop.  (Addresses Red Hat
Bugzilla: #465984)

* Add a check in the Unix I/O functions in libext2fs so that when a
device is opened read/write, return an error if the device is read-only
using the BLKROGET ioctl.

* Fix debugfs's ncheck command so that it prints all of the names of
hardlinks in the same directory.

* Fix a bug in libblkid so it correctly detects whether the ext4 and
ext4dev filesystems are available, so that the ext4dev->ext4 fallback
code works correctly.

* Fix a parallel build problem by making sure util/subst is built before
trying to build the lib/et directory.  (Addresses Sourceforge Bug:

* Updated "make depend" information for crc16.o

- -----

Summary:  Mostly bugfixes.  One even for parallel builds (which we don't
care about as editors, but I do as a user with a dual core machine :-P).
One new feature related to ext4dev -> ext4 auto-upgrading.

The new feature is fairly pointless IMO, but the bugfixes are useful.
No apparent changes related to FS features, etc.

I say go with it.  :-)

> Added 2249 Coreutils-i18n patch.

Gut reaction after reading the linked-to post (in that ticket) again:
keep the patch.  (Unfortunately that means more testing, but it sounds
like that's in progress anyway?  I hope so...)
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