Using m4 in the temporary tools and installing it after autoconf in chapter 6 makes a tool of a autoconf link to the m4 in /tools

Chris Staub chris at
Sat Oct 18 18:58:03 PDT 2008

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Chris Staub wrote:
>> Another problem (not really related to this, but it does also involve
>> m4) is that, as the book is now, m4 in /tools is not linked to /tools. 
>> Either m4 needs to be built again in /tools sometime after the toolchain 
>> adjustment, or the host system's m4 can be used for GCC and the m4 in 
>> /tools can be moved later in the build order.
> This is what I was saying in my other post. :)

Oops, just read that, sorry for the repetition.

> So, to sum up, we have two problems:
> 1. m4 in chapter five doesn't link against /tools
> 2. m4 in chapter six is built to late to avoid hard-coded paths to 
> /tools/bin/m4 showing up in autotools scripts.
> I personally think that we can trust the host system to have a working 
> m4 for the first pass of gcc, so we can just move the order in chapter 5 
> so that m4 is built after gcc/binutils pass2.
> Chapter 6 should be easy enough, just move m4 up to before autofoo.

Actually it would need to be before Bison (right where it used to be in 
fact) since Bison also hard-codes the path to m4.

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