Using m4 in the temporary tools and installing it after autoconf in chapter 6 makes a tool of a autoconf link to the m4 in /tools

Chris Staub chris at
Sat Oct 18 18:35:34 PDT 2008

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Rick Houkes wrote:
>> Making m4 part of the temporarily toolchain and installing it after
>> autoconf makes a tool of autoconf called autom4te link to the m4 in
>> /tools instead of a m4 that would be part of a finished system.
> Oh, I see: it hardcodes the path to the m4 binary.  OK, terminology
> confusion, never mind, you're right.
> We can fix this by moving m4 (back?) up before autotools in chapter 6.
> Actually if bison does the same thing (it seems to hardcode the path,
> though you can override it by setting the shell M4 variable, just like
> autom4te), then I'd say right after iana-etc is a good place.  Plus
> that's in alphabetical order among this early set of mostly-parallel
> packages.

Another problem (not really related to this, but it does also involve 
m4) is that, as the book is now, m4 in /tools is not linked to /tools. 
Either m4 needs to be built again in /tools sometime after the toolchain 
adjustment, or the host system's m4 can be used for GCC and the m4 in 
/tools can be moved later in the build order.

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