LiveCD Future

Uwe Düffert dueffert at
Thu Oct 16 02:36:39 PDT 2008

On Thu, 16 Oct 2008, TheOldFellow wrote:

> However, I do not believe that there is much value in it as a
> bootstrap, when, as Alexander says, there is knoppix (and a plethora of
> other LiveCD distros) and maintenance resources are scarce.
Well, I really do believe there is value in a (minimal, somehow 
up-to-date) LFS LiveCD. For me its an ideal starting point to bring LFS to 
a machine. There is usually no other usable host system on it (no Linux at 
all, a hopelessly outdated one or a non-functional one). Yes, another 
LiveCD would usually work as well, but has some disadvantages:

I have to care whether it meets all requirements whereas building some 
current LFS from some current LFS LiveCD would just be expected to cause 
less trouble.

And even more important: Its a working example. If something goes wrong, 
e.g. because of deviating from a book or because of testing a newer 
version of some package, there is a reference. One could copy config 
files, use binaries, compare the existence if files and so on easier than 
with other distros.

So for me, a pretty minimal LFS LiveCD (English only, console only, just a 
few basic tools like lynx (or mc for nostalgic reasons)) would be quite 
handy. Sounds like pretty little effort to keep that up-to-date, but 
would surely save me time and headache.


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