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Pierre Lorenzon devel at
Thu Oct 16 00:41:52 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I must first say tha I am blind. And terefor I greately
appreciate the lfs livecd since its simplicity make it very
easily customizable. Indeed it is not difficult to take the
existing livecd and add accessibility tools to it like brltty
or a speech synthesis. I know that in the community of linux
blind users these lfs livecd were appreciated as well in
particular the fact that Alexander already added brltty to
it. Anyway what we need is somehting minimal that allows to use
the livecd as rescue disk or provides facilities for a blind
person to perform installation tasks without any external
help. That's what I personally do.



From: DJ Lucas <dj at>
Subject: Re: LiveCD Future
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 22:21:15 -0500

> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> > The purpose of this thread is to see at what level are 
> > LiveCDs beneficial or useful to the community, especially the {,B}LFS 
> > editors so that we can modify the core goals and aims of the project for 
> > future efforts.
> >   
> For me, the LiveCD should be able to build LFS from bare metal and 
> perform basic rescue tasks.  I don't care if the packages or a copy of 
> the book are on it, as long as the tools are available so that I can get 
> and view them. 
> For my tastes, beyond the base LFS and the myriad of hardware out there, 
> these requirements are partitioning tools for the common filesystems (I 
> use reiser, ext3, and xfs depending on the purpose of the system), basic 
> networking (dhcp is nice but not a requirement), gpm, lynx, svn, and 
> probably the docbook stack to process the svn books. 
> jhalfs on board is a nice addition, but if I can download it, I can put 
> it anywhere on a real filesystem.  Samba, NFS, Coda, Fuse...could 
> probably all be useful, but shouldn't be needed if you have net access.  
> X is kinda neat I guess, but I've never actually used or needed it.  A 
> console mail/news reader could be useful, but again, I wouldn't use it.  
> X86_64 might be nice in the future, but it's not needed, unless you just 
> have gobs of RAM and want to do the whole build on a RAM Disk (which I 
> just might be silly and try someday...for which I can build my own CD). 
> ;-)  IMO, while all of that stuff I mentioned above is nice to have, it 
> is just not required.  It should be fairly minimal, barely above a base 
> LFS for my intended use.
> -- DJ Lucas
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