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> Hello,
> I know that we've talked about this before but given the events of the 
> past year or so, I'd like to revisit this briefly.
> Alexander and I have been talking and we're trying to take a very 
> realistic approach to any efforts made to re-enliven the LiveCD project.
> Without going into too many details of our own concerns and ideas about 
> the future of the project (yet), I'd appreciate some feedback/opinions 
> concerning the usefulness of the LiveCD.
> This thread is not designed to spark feature requests. Whatever 
> direction we pursue, the LiveCD (or at least the main one) will aim to 
> be fairly simple. The purpose of this thread is to see at what level are 
> LiveCDs beneficial or useful to the community, especially the {,B}LFS 
> editors so that we can modify the core goals and aims of the project for 
> future efforts.
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> JH

Let me say at the outset that I appreciate the effort that went into
the LiveCD, the knowledge of how to build such a complex edifice from
scratch has been invaluable.  I thus threat the LiveCD as an example of
what can be achieved from an LFS base with sufficient dedication and

I've always felt that LFS needed examples of the kind of thing that can
be built from it.  I considered writing a book about Linux Digital
Photography based on LFS - going into some depth on the manipulation of
raw images and the tools needed to do it - it's not sufficient to just
state how to build the tools, we also need to explain how to use them
- or at least how to find out how to use them. Just as we explain how
to use the ToolChain built in the LFS book to build a working and
bootable system.  The LiveCD can bee seen in this light, although it
was not the developers' primary intention.

However, I do not believe that there is much value in it as a
bootstrap, when, as Alexander says, there is knoppix (and a plethora of
other LiveCD distros) and maintenance resources are scarce.


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