Teminal issues in -dev

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 19:56:44 PDT 2008

Trent Shea wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 October 2008 16:05:22 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Yes.  `mknod -m666 /dev/tty c 5 0` makes everything work correctly.
>>  Should we add that to "6.2. Preparing Virtual Kernel File Systems" ?
> mount -v --bind /dev $LFS/dev seems to populate everything for me.

I agree that works.  It's just hard to remember the exact syntax.  Adding what 
is basically one inode to /dev is negligible and covers almost anything a user 
would want to do.

Actually the issue only comes up if the user uses jhalfs or reboots or umounts 
/dev.  I'd just like to make it easier than having to remember an obscure command.

   -- Bruce

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