LiveCD Future

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Oct 15 18:40:24 PDT 2008


I know that we've talked about this before but given the events of the 
past year or so, I'd like to revisit this briefly.

Alexander and I have been talking and we're trying to take a very 
realistic approach to any efforts made to re-enliven the LiveCD project.

Without going into too many details of our own concerns and ideas about 
the future of the project (yet), I'd appreciate some feedback/opinions 
concerning the usefulness of the LiveCD.

This thread is not designed to spark feature requests. Whatever 
direction we pursue, the LiveCD (or at least the main one) will aim to 
be fairly simple. The purpose of this thread is to see at what level are 
LiveCDs beneficial or useful to the community, especially the {,B}LFS 
editors so that we can modify the core goals and aims of the project for 
future efforts.

Thanks in advance,


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