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#2239: patch-2.5.9
Comment (by randy at

  It used to be on the Gnu alpha site:
  but is no longer there. The only place I can find it is:

  I do remember a discussion from a few years ago about moving
  to this version, but since it was only on the 'alpha' server
  and not the main Gnu server, it was determined to stay with
  what we have (as it works).

  Not sure if we want to revisit this or not, but looking around
  today I noticed that most Distro's are using the 2.5.9 version
  in one way or another. Every one of the Distro's, however, is
  using it patched in one way or another.

  Makes me wonder if it is safe to use unpatched. The NEWS file
  in the package mentions some bug-fixes and some minor updates,
  but not much really. I didn't look at the actual ChangeLog.

  I think I'll post this over on -dev just to see if there is
  any input from the community. I will say this, I've never had
  a problem with the 2.5.4 version with anything, ever.


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