Chapter 6 Coreutils installation

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Oct 12 10:48:13 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I'm a bit hazy on this and don't want to take to time to try to dig through the 
> archives.  However, I think Robert is right.  At the time we just wanted to 
> promote the tools that are used a lot.  I don't think there are any technical 
> issues that would prevent using the Chapter 5 versions of coreutils or sed 
> between coreutils and diffutils.

No, it's as Dan says. It's all about hard-coded instances of tools that 
coreutils provides winding up in installed packages. While I agree that 
it may actually be something that should be worked out in the packages 
that do the hard-coding, by having those core packages installed early, 
we avoid the issue entirely in whatever package may decide to do it.

As was heavily discussed around the time we did the re-ordering, there's 
no technical advantage to building packages in alphabetical order, so 
that should not be a high priority. What _is_ important is knowing which 
packages should be built first and why. And anything that doesn't 
require any special placement can just be done whenever, so for them it 
becomes useful to place them in alphabetical order just so that the book 
is organized and flows logically (and so an editor knows where to place 
any new additions).


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