Final Updates

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Oct 8 16:43:17 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Randy, when you updated GCC, did you consider tickets 2114 and 2056?

See the remarks I made to that ticket. I didn't build with
the switch, so I can't comment. I really don't want to be
responsible for that one.

As far as 2114 goes, I didn't see (the issues) what the ticket
says. Though in my 'Blanket' ticket, I mention something about
the search dirs aren't what is specified in the book. We could
probably close 2114 and just say it is a duplicate of information
in #2205.

DJ said he was going to look into this.

> With the glibc update did you consider ticket 2081?

Alexander's tickets are too complicated for me. I built Glibc
but I don't see the little things he does. So the answer is no,
I don't know anything about it.

> With perl, was 2071 considered.

That ticket doesn't have anything to do with an update of the
package. I thought about taking it, but declined, simply because
I've got so much else going on.

Hope this helps.


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