William Immendorf computerperson1 at live.com
Wed Oct 8 13:27:18 PDT 2008

Udev is now at 130: Here are some of the changes from 124 to 130:

In udev-124:

* cdrom_id now properly recognizes blank media.

In udev-125:

* Bugfixes.
* Default udev rules are should now be put into /lib/udev/rules.d/ now, to make it clear that they should not be edited by a user. User-made udev rules should be placed into /etc/udev/rules.d/.
* This command can now be used to help with creating /dev/root:
udevadm info --export --export-prefix="ROOT_" --device-id-of-file=/.

In udev-126:

* ./configure is now used. Here are some of the options:
        "/usr" - prefix for man pages, include files
        "" - the root filesystem, prefix for libs and binaries
        "lib" - directory name for libraries, not a path name
        multilib 64bit systems may use "lib64" instead of "lib"
        compile-in verbose debug messages
        disable all logging and compile-out all log strings
        link against SELInux libraries, to set the expected context
        for created files
* The group disk, gets permissions 0660 instead of 0640, which possibly fixes #2076.

In udev-127:

* Bugfixes.
* Optical drive's media is no longer is probed for raid signatures.
* The volume_id library got a major version number update to 1,
meaning some deprecated functions are removed.
* A shared library called libudev is introduced to provide access to udev device information. It will be used for DeviceKit, HAL's still-in-development successor. This library is in a experimental state.

In udev-128:

* Bugfixes.
* The udevadm info --device-id-of-file= output has changed to use
the obvious format. Possible current users should use the --export
option which is not affected.
* No symlinks to udevadm get installed anymore. If they are used, a warning is printed.

In udev-129:

* Fix a recently introduced bug, which caused a compilation without large
file support, where vol_id does not recognize raid signatures at the end
of a volume.
* Firewire disks now create both, by-id/scsi-* and by-id/ieee-* links.
Seems some kernel versions prevent the creation of the ieee-* links,
so people used the scsi-* link which disappeared now.
* Almost all of the udevadm functionality comes from libudev now.
* udevadm trigger has a new option --type, which allows to trigger events
for "devices", for "subsystems", or "failed" devices. The old option
--retry-failed" still works, but is no longer mentioned in the man page.

In udev-130:

* Bugfixes.
* Kernel devices and device nodes are connected now by reverse indizes in
/sys and /dev. A device number retrieved by a stat() or similar, the
kernel device directory can be found by looking up:
and the device node of the same device by looking up:

So that's it for the changes.
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