New personal experimental book

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Oct 8 04:37:40 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:

>>>>> Roll back to file-4.21.  The newer versions of file do not display the
>>>>> character set if type is text/troff
> Well, that is a separate issue.  File is still broken (either 4.21 with 
> illogical guessing at the character encoding of text files, or 4.25 with 
> non-working -e switch).  I didn't bother trying the -e switch with 4.26 
> because I incorrectly assumed that the missing charset= output was a 
> regression.

I can't determine what version of File to use in the book.
I used 4.26. DJ's book uses 4.23 (4.23 is what is in SVN
right now). I really couldn't find the resolution of the
problem described above in all the different posts on the
subject, so I don't know which version to use. I'll skip
the File package update for now.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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