DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Oct 7 21:39:11 PDT 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote:
>> No..only groff CVS.
> No, not even groff CVS, because it expects different command line 
> options than those hard-coded in Man-DB.
I have not looked, but I wonder if he is working on that.  He had 
mentioned 2.5.3 in that reply as well, which I didn't include because it 
didn't fit into the context of the current thread.  FYI, I posted the 
whole text in the last thread titled "Re: New experimental book" if 
you'd like to take a look.  My interpretation was that 2.5.3 would be 
available soon, but that doesn't really matter because we'd still have 
to backport the preconv code from groff CVS to use it, and again, we'd 
loose whatever support we have now for CJK man pages.

-- DJ Lucas

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