DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Oct 7 16:16:31 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm way on the downhill side of getting all the package
> updates in. Groff is sort of a bugaboo, however. The
> DJ book uses the Groff-UTF8 package, but I'm not sure it
> does much.
> Please give some input if you have any on this subject.
> It would be an addition to LFS Chapter 6. Do we need it?
No.  Groff-utf8 is a hack that is partially usable until groff-2.0.  As 
it was not configured anyway, and man-db handles UTF-8 man pages fine 
(as long as they are placed into the correct directory), we should leave 
man-db and groff alone for now.  The use of the convert-mans script in 
the book is also obsoleted by man-db-2.5.1, however, I think it should 
stay as it is a good utility and can be used both ways.  I'll be making 
corrections to the text at some point in the near future, but we are 
sticking with the Debian patched groff for now.

-- DJ Lucas

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