Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 6 09:03:27 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> I believe most of the information he has was determined by
> seeing what was going on over at DIY. I know that they discussed
> it a bit over there. You may want to check the DIY archives.

Well, DIY lets GCC build them internally on all passes. When I posted, I 
was already aware of the DIY method, but I wanted to see what our 
current rationale was and if there was something I missed.

>> I'm just curious, what was the rationale behind building gmp and mpfr in 
>>   different manners within the same book? To be more specific, why let 
>> GCC build them internally for its own use on GCC pass1 and then build 
>> them separately for the other two passes of GCC?
> I'm not sure the rationale. But you bring up a good point.
> Perhaps it has something to do with GCC pass 1 having GMP
> and MPFR built in the GCC tree makes those libraries statically
> linked to GCC.
> Then, in Pass 2 of GCC perhaps it was/is undesirable to have
> the GMP and MPFR libs statically linked. I'm just guessing, though.
> We'll have to get DJ's input on that one.

Yeah, looking forward to that. Thanks for the reply, Randy.


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