Does the M4 package need to be identified as a "host requirement"?

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Oct 6 08:44:36 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> If we can build it in LFS without additional host support, then we should do 
> that.  Just moving the order of builds would be preferable to a new host 
> requirement, even if we need to add M4 to chapter 5.

It is not "if" we need to add it to Chapter 5. It is required
by GMP. I checked the dependencies of M4 and everything that is
noted on the dependencies page is listed on the host requirements.

I've already added M4 to Chapter 5, so I suppose all we need to
do is move it to right after the first binutils build in Chapter

Now we've got address Jeremy's question in the next post. I'll
reply to that one now.


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