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DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Oct 5 12:31:39 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I noticed that Bruce just closed the Ticket for the Perl-5.10.0
>> update. I would like to go on record that I disagree with this.
>> It clearly says that this release is in the "Maintenance" branch
>> (as opposed to the "Development" branch). And even though it is
>> a .0 release which the Perl devs label as a "Testing" release,
>> it also clearly says this is the version people should be using.
>> Other thoughts are welcome.
>> I would like to see Perl-5.10.0 go into the book today, as this
>> is what has been tested by DJ and me. Otherwise, DJ and I will
>> have to do complete new builds.
>> I'd like you to reconsider Bruce, and follow what the Perl devs
>> say to use, which is 5.10.0.
> I was going on the web page
> where they clearly say that 5.10.0 is a testing release.  They also say "For 
> stable production use [of] the maint branches are recommended."
> That was my rationale.  Am I missing something?
Yes.  The rest of the third paragraph explains their definition of 
testing.  The Perl developers call it testing until the micro release 
has incremented.  Effectively, the Perl devs have deemed it stable, but 
the user community has not done so yet.  5.10.0 is the one we should be 
using for LFS.  They just do not deem a 0 micro/tiny version as a 
maintenance release.  They still use the typical odd minor number for 
development versions, and even minor number for stable versions.  Not 
quite as extreme as OpenLDAP which I had mentioned before.

-- DJ Lucas

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