Perl Releases

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Oct 5 12:33:15 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> I was going on the web page
> where they clearly say that 5.10.0 is a testing release.  They also say "For 
> stable production use [of] the maint branches are recommended."
> That was my rationale.  Am I missing something?

Yes. The fact that 5.10.0 *is the first version* of the 5.10
*maintenance branch*. It just so happens that for whatever
reason Perl devs call this first version of a maintenance
branch a "testing" version.

They probably should revisit the way they call it testing,
but I've been around Perl for a *long* time. I even read the
comp.lang.perl.misc newsgroup for years and years. What an
anal group they are!

Anyway, I'd simply like you to reconsider closing that


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