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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 12:01:33 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> Would you mind please adding the ildoubl test patch & iconv_tests patches to the patches repo, so that jhalfs can download them automatically please?
> I did add them to the repo. It is my understanding that LFS was
> converted to be like BLFS in that the patches are moved into the
> SVN branch of the repo when the book is rendered.
> Am I mistaken here and the patch must be added to both the main
> repo and the SVN devel repo?
> If so I will, but it seems to me then I would have to log into
> Quantum and do it manually.
> Bruce, do you know the LFS setup as far as patches are concerned?

Yes.  The script does:

sed '/part4/,/part>/d' index.xml > index2.xml

xsltproc --xinclude stylesheets/patcheslist.xsl index2.xml > \

and then

bash copy-lfs-patches.sh

patcheslist.xsl looks for <ulink>s that contains '.patch' and &patches-root; and 
sets up to copy those patches from the patches repository on quantum to 


The script runs at 0415 MST every day.  It will also send a message to lfs-book 
if it can't find a patch specified in the book.  For a manual render, go to 
quantum where the script render-lfs-book-dev.sh needs to be run via sudo.

   -- Bruce

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