Perl Releases

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Oct 5 11:38:13 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I noticed that Bruce just closed the Ticket for the Perl-5.10.0
update. I would like to go on record that I disagree with this.

It clearly says that this release is in the "Maintenance" branch
(as opposed to the "Development" branch). And even though it is
a .0 release which the Perl devs label as a "Testing" release,
it also clearly says this is the version people should be using.

Other thoughts are welcome.

I would like to see Perl-5.10.0 go into the book today, as this
is what has been tested by DJ and me. Otherwise, DJ and I will
have to do complete new builds.

I'd like you to reconsider Bruce, and follow what the Perl devs
say to use, which is 5.10.0.


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