What happend to Trac? (Was: Super must do IMMENDATE task!)

William Immendorf computerperson1 at live.com
Sun Oct 5 11:10:43 PDT 2008

Matthew Burgess wrote:


>Actually, through your actions we realised that the Trac permissions weren't set correctly.  Only LFS editors should be able to re-open & close tickets and change target milestones and the>like; it's part of our responsibilities of ticket triage and release management.

>When we attempted to rectify those permissions it didn't appear to have the desired effect as you were still able to reopen tickets despite our request for you not to.  As such, we've now>had to take the step of denying all authenticated users, not just you, of being able to do anything with the tickets in Trac until we can get it configured correctly.  So, thanks, I guess!


Thanks for the explation, but, you GOT to fix the trac tickets right NOW!
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