Super must do IMMENDATE task!

William Immendorf computerperson1 at
Sat Oct 4 19:20:12 PDT 2008

Philipp Christian Loewner wrote:
>Normally I don't tend to respond to such messages nor am I in any way
>an LSF-dev but seriously, you best be trolling.
>If you are not, then you should really think about how to introduce
>your ideas to people who don't know you and who are not, in any way,
>pleased with the way you tried to communicate your suggestions so far.
Here's why I am NOT trolling:
For "reopening trac ticket 2113", that was concerning LZMA, and a LFS member and I had a ticket open-close argument with each other. I should said that this should be on this mailling list. Also, they revoked my Trac privileges, and that got me REALLY annoyed... made me want them back...
Oh, and you misspelled LFS as LSF.
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