Commits to SVN

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Oct 2 17:44:48 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:

> I meant LFS specific, in so far that the system can reproduce itself.  
> We are going to break BLFS to some extent.  This is unavoidable.  I 
> think we are on the same page WRT to what needs to be done.  If you want 
> to go ahead and take the lead, go ahead and commit whatever you can, if 
> I have any changes to add, I can adjust to your commits.  I'll also 
> e-mail you before commits until the bulk of the work is done.

Well, I've sent to this list the packages I used in my most recent
LFS x86 build. Seems stable to me. I've build a bit of BLFS on top
and so far all is good. I've booted using the conventional bootscripts
and the LSB scripts. Both booted fine.

There is a ticket in the LFS-Trac that says the current Libtool has
issues (in particular Linux-PAM was said to not build properly), but
it worked just fine for me.

I'll go ahead and update LFS-SVN to the packages I used, and as you've
mentioned DJ, you can go behind me and clean up. The GCC fixincludes
seems to be an issue and I've yet to try the full method used by Greg
to get rid of the Glibc-2.8 iconv and math errors, but so far I'm not
seeing any issues.

More to follow...


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