Commits to SVN

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Oct 2 05:53:00 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:

>> Sure, if you've had time to test all the changes.  I was going through a 
>> manual build to clear up a couple of left over items (gcc fixincludes, 
>> man-db, new dependencies for Appendix C, etc.)

Well, I've not checked much of BLFS, but we can cross that bridge
when we get there. Remember it is SVN, so any breakage with BLFS
package is not going to affect much to many folks who aren't
capable of reporting/fixing problems.

>> I think most important is to get the package updates in place.  
>> Following on from Colin's comments, I think we should stick with the 
>> updated man-db package and the debian groff package for now.  In fact, 
>> I'd leave man-db and groff alone for the moment.

That's sort of what I was thinking as well.

>> For the bootscripts, I think the LSB changes are on hold for now, this 
>> would include initd-tools as well because it will not work without 
>> adding headers to the existing scripts or migrating to the new scritps 
>> (or putting in some hack for the dependencies).  After we get all of the 
>> big updates in place, then we can discuss the LSB changes again.

I agree.

> One more thing, the gcc private includes.  I was only joking when I 
> posted that the other day, but it might actually help users until we get 
> to going in BLFS if we did create our own limits.h file in the private 
> include directory.  Did you run into the missing limits.h when building 
> OpenSSL?  I don't know what else will need patches yet.

Just checked all the logs and OpenSSL install was smooth. In fact,
there's not even an instance of "limits.h" in any of the log files
(and I log *everything*). Just opened an https:// site in Lynx and
it appears to be fine.

You can see the short list of BLFS packages I've installed so far
in a previous post.


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