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DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Oct 2 05:18:03 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is mostly to DJ, and FYI for everyone else.
> I've got many commits ready to go and I didn't want us to
> be conflicting with one another. Do you want me to do the
> updates. I've got package updates and textual updates as
> well, all ready to go.
> Let me know.
> However, I've got a question about two things.
> 1. What we're going to do about the man/man-db/groff-utf8
> issues? Which direction should LFS go in the *immediate*
> future? I installed man-db in my new build, and it appears
> to work okay for English man pages. I really don't have
> any way (or knowledge how to) check UTF8 pages.
> 2. What are we going to do about Bootscripts? The LSB
> scripts don't work with the BLFS bootscripts. This also
> brings the initd-tools package into question.
> I suggest we hold off on any commits until we determine
> the direction of the above two issues.
Sure, if you've had time to test all the changes.  I was going through a 
manual build to clear up a couple of left over items (gcc fixincludes, 
man-db, new dependencies for Appendix C, etc.)

I think most important is to get the package updates in place.  
Following on from Colin's comments, I think we should stick with the 
updated man-db package and the debian groff package for now.  In fact, 
I'd leave man-db and groff alone for the moment.  The convert-mans stuff 
is obsoleted by the newer man-db package, but it doesn't hurt anything 
and can stay for now rather than English editors guessing at the text 
encoding of the files.  I plan to look at the various distros backports 
of the preconv additons to groff at some point in the future.

For the bootscripts, I think the LSB changes are on hold for now, this 
would include initd-tools as well because it will not work without 
adding headers to the existing scripts or migrating to the new scritps 
(or putting in some hack for the dependencies).  After we get all of the 
big updates in place, then we can discuss the LSB changes again.

-- DJ Lucas

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