LFS 64bit - thoughts

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Oct 1 19:44:51 PDT 2008

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> I noticed one person mentioning 64bit LFS on a previous post.  It made
> me wonder how LFS may address this in the future.
Actually, it's been mentioned a few times in the past week.
> On my own,  I took the multilib plunge about 6 months ago.  (sortof a
> hodgepodge of LFS's buildsystem, and a few occassional CLFS patch's).
> I had the following ideals in mind in the construction of my own
> system.  (I dont know how close these are to LFS values)
I can't really add a lot here as I haven't tried it yet.  I think 
pure-64 is ideal, but from what little I've looked into it, that is just 
not possible.....yet, not to mention that it breaks the LSB goal.
> -I wanted a pure 64bit os, or at least a system where 32bit could be
> added on later.  (To this end, I built a multilib gcc/glibc/binutils,
> but no other 32bit libraries unless I specifically had a program link
> against them)
> -I dont like the idea that if I was to install a 32bit version of a
> package, that it would overwrite the 64bit binaries.  (goes against my
> first idea, where I wanted 32bit as a addon).  [although this one has
> caused a few headaches].  I know one can install the 64bit version
> after, but it just feels wrong.
 From what I've seen of it, I guess there is no concept of 
{,/usr}/{,s}bin64 or /usr/include64 like there is for the lib dirs (or 
the alternate).  I mean a total separation of the system, side by side 
would be ideal IMO.  Unfortunately I am just not able to make any useful 
comments on the rest of your post yet.   Best I can do is point you to 
Jeremy's book.   I believe this is the correct link:


It likely will provide a baseline for which LFS follows (or even much 
taken verbatim).  At a casual glance, I notice the use of 'uname -m' a 
few times, which probably means the building arch only.  Jeremy, care to 
jump in here with where you were headed?  I know that LFS as a whole 
would certainly benefit from anything that ya'll can add.  I still will 
not be able to toy with 64bit for a few more weeks.
Bruce, Randy, ya'll got anything to add?

-- DJ Lucas

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