Readjusting toolchain nitpick

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Nov 28 19:42:20 PST 2008

In section 6.10, Readjusting the Toolchain we perform about 3 sed 
expressions to specs file. The first one looks like this:

     -e 's@/tools/lib/ at g'

Also, there is a prominent note before this sed command stating:

"If working on a platform where the name of the dynamic linker is 
something other than, substitute “” with the 
name of the platform's dynamic linker in the following commands. Refer 
to Section 5.2, “Toolchain Technical Notes,” if necessary."

We can simplify the sed expression and get rid of the note entirely if 
we change it to:

     -e 's@/tools@@g'

Anyone have any objections to this change?


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