The value of 64-bit vs 32-bit

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> > * Any comments on the details provided in the above article,
> > specifically in how that might relate to LFS?
> The issue is compatibility vs speed.  The speed improvements are not
> significant for most applications.  It's true that if you are going to
> memory map a very large file, as in editing a movie, then the
> increased address space would be quite useful.  Other areas are when
> physical ram exceeds 4G or very high accuracy calculations (e.g.
> solving systems of differential equations) are needed, the increased
> address space and register size is needed.
Users ask for more memory to be supported.
We have to prepare for that, even on ipcop.

> Compatibility of older hardware is also an issue.  Many of the older
> hardware drivers may have issues when trying to run in 64-bit mode.
> I've heard of a lot of problems with things like wifi drivers in some
> commercial 64 bit distros.
Compatibility with new hardware is an issue too that surface now (gmp ABI=32
for example, m4-1.4.10 has segfaulted on x86_64 hardware during configure)

How do you actually compile LFS-6.4 when your base distrib is a 64b distrib?
Don't you have a note on Host system requirements that state the base
software has to be 32b or use CLFS?


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