Problems with PDF Output

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Thu Nov 27 18:48:01 PST 2008

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 03:16:30PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> We need to discuss a couple of issues.
> 1.  How do we handle the bootscripts and udev config files' excessive line 
> length?  We can go in and adjust the bootscripts' line lengths to have a max of 
> 72 characters, but the udev config does not allow line breaks.

Actually... it does.  Or at least, it did.  ;-)

I'm not sure which udev version introduced this option, but you can
actually do line continuation with the backslash-newline pair; or at
least, you could with whatever udev we were using when we removed that
warning from the book.  (That is, the warning that said you couldn't do
line continuation.)

> 2.  How do we break up long <screen></screen> sections so the rendering goes 
> across multiple pages?

This one, I don't know.  And actually, doing line continuation is going
to make this problem worse, since splitting a line means it'll now take
more vertical space.

> One solution would be to strip the bootscripts and udev files completely from 
> the book (at least for the pdf rendering) as was done before 6.4.

Hmm; I think I'd be in favor of stripping this out of the PDF (but
probably not the book).  But as you say, this doesn't help with the
table for man-db.

What may work for that is to combine several (or all) of the ISO-8859-1
encoding languages into one row.  But that may cause issues with width.

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