Problems with PDF Output

Thomas Reitelbach tr at
Wed Nov 26 14:28:34 PST 2008

On Mittwoch, 26. November 2008, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 21:53:37 +0100, Thomas Reitelbach <tr at> 

> Yeah, I think that would have been Manuel, our XSL guru.  Unfortunately,
> he's been off-list for some time and Bruce and I decided that, in the
> interests of getting the 6.4 release out of the door, we could live with
> the PDF rendering bugs.
> > I'll try to fix my german PDFs. If I'm successfull I'll of course have a
> > look if my fixes can be useful for the original book as well.
> If you or someone steps up and fixes these, that would be very much
> appreciated.  I don't see a problem with fixing up the 6.4 branch/tag
> retrospectively and re-releasing the PDF.

I was able to at least fix the problem with overlapping text rendering in "my" 
translated book. But this is a non-issue for the english book.

Unfortunately I don't believe that I have the time and the knowledge to fix 
the other problems. But I remember that Manuel helped me out with such 
problems. The line length problem with udev rules ans such is a general 
problem and I really don't know if it is possible to solve it with XSL 
stylesheets ?!

Maybe reducing the font size is really the way to go. What does it mean when 
you say, Manuel is off-list? Did he stop contributing to lfs? This would 
really be a pitty :(

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