Problems with PDF Output

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Nov 26 13:35:45 PST 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 21:53:37 +0100, Thomas Reitelbach <tr at> wrote:
> Please don't take this as a reproach. I'm really not in the position to
> blame anyone because you're all doing such an importan "job"!
> But it would have been wise to fix this before the release. I'm of course
> not 
> one of those people to decide such things. But for the last releases i 
> believe that someone (who?) resolved rendering issues like this with the 
> book.

Yeah, I think that would have been Manuel, our XSL guru.  Unfortunately, he's been off-list for some time and Bruce and I decided that, in the interests of getting the 6.4 release out of the door, we could live with the PDF rendering bugs.

> I'll try to fix my german PDFs. If I'm successfull I'll of course have a look 
> if my fixes can be useful for the original book as well.

If you or someone steps up and fixes these, that would be very much appreciated.  I don't see a problem with fixing up the 6.4 branch/tag retrospectively and re-releasing the PDF.



> Cheers :-)
> Thomas

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