Problems with PDF Output

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Nov 26 13:16:30 PST 2008

Thomas Reitelbach wrote:

> But it would have been wise to fix this before the release. I'm of course not 
> one of those people to decide such things. But for the last releases i 
> believe that someone (who?) resolved rendering issues like this with the 
> book.

I've made that last couple of releases.  In this case, I decided to release 
without the pdf for now because further delay would make too many packages out 
of date.

We need to discuss a couple of issues.

1.  How do we handle the bootscripts and udev config files' excessive line 
length?  We can go in and adjust the bootscripts' line lengths to have a max of 
72 characters, but the udev config does not allow line breaks.

2.  How do we break up long <screen></screen> sections so the rendering goes 
across multiple pages?

One solution would be to strip the bootscripts and udev files completely from 
the book (at least for the pdf rendering) as was done before 6.4.  The still 
leaves the problem of properly rendering the long table in Man-DB.  I suppose we 
could double it up to four columns.


   -- Bruce

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