GMP & MPFR think I'm cross compiling!

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Mon Nov 24 14:37:43 PST 2008

Matthew Burgess schrieb:
> On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 00:35:16 +0100, "Gilles Espinasse" <g.esp at> wrote:
>> Just look in configure.log, you will see at wich line of configure the
>> test
>> is made.
>> configure:1654: checking build system type
>> configure:1672: result: athlon-pc-linux-gnu
>> configure:1680: checking host system type
>> configure:1694: result: athlon-pc-linux-gnu

with gmp i had to modify the script too:

./configure ABI=32 --prefix.....

otherwise the configure assumes i've a 64bit architecture.
i can reproduce this on 2 out of 5 machines. all of them are 64bit 
capable, but non has any 64bit libraries available.

give it a try!


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