Book XML design specs, extending LFS

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> as well - for instance, distcc support in jhalfs would be a wonderful
> thing (I've been using it with good success in CLFS builds, albeit with
> a lot of manual help).
I doubt distcc is a big gain on x86_64.
CPU is so fast comparing to the network and with lot of internal cache that
minimize the gain you could achieve using other machines.
That's supported on IPCop and the gain reported was only 5% adding another
machine with same power. So that's not worst the work and probably almost
nobody really use it.
Should be more usefull if you have a cloud of slow alpha, pcc or sparc
To be more efficient with less network traffic needed, you would need a
system able to distribute an entire package compilation (when packages are
fully independant) at each machine. I am not so sure distcc will help on
that scheme.

In contrary, ccache is approximately an overall 25% gain after the first
That really help compiling the kernel for example (gain should be 50%


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