Please add a l10n block for "de" in lfs-l10n.xml

Thomas Reitelbach tr at
Sun Nov 16 01:52:44 PST 2008

Hello list,

can someone please add the following translated l10n block to 


(diff also attached as file). This is necessary to provide german translations 
for some standard terms. Other languages are already included in the file, so 
i guess it will not be a problem to include german as well :-)

Thank you very much!

Index: lfs-l10n.xml
--- lfs-l10n.xml        (Revision 8742)
+++ lfs-l10n.xml        (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -72,4 +72,20 @@


+    <!-- German -->
+  <l:l10n xmlns:l=""
+          language="de" english-language-name="German">
+    <l:gentext key="description" text="Beschreibung"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Bootscripts" text="Bootskripte"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Configuration Files" text="Einrichtungsdateien"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Kernel Configuration" text="Kernel-Konfiguration"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Libraries" text="Bibliotheken"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Others" text="Sonstige"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Packages" text="Pakete"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Programs" text="Programme"/>
+    <l:gentext key="Scripts" text="Skripte"/>
+  </l:l10n>

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