License of the book - really version 2.0 of creative commons?

Thomas Reitelbach tr at
Sun Nov 16 00:31:20 PST 2008

Hello list,

I'm currently in the process of translating current 6.4 LFS to german.
Now I'm wondering about licensing. The book says it's licensed under 
„Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0“.

But: I cannot find this licence at, at least not for the 
USA. Only Version 3.0 seems to be available. And at a first glance it looks 
like the license text in the book is an exact copy of version 3.0 of this 
license (though I did not compare each and every character of the licence 

So maybe there is a typo? Is it possible that you chose „Attribution-
NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0“ as licence but by mistake wrote "2.0"?

Please can you clarify this? It is important to know because I have to choose 
the correct translated license text from for the book.

Cheers and thank you :-)

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