Perl error

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Thu Nov 13 03:07:43 PST 2008

Gilles Espinasse schrieb:
> Selon Tobias Gasser <lfs at>:

> You could look at
> That's because your machine is 64b, has /lib64 and configure script fail to
> handle properly your case.

i have a 32bit system, no 64bit libraries available.

sed -i -e "@libs\s*=@libs = -lm@" Makefile

fixes my problem as mentionned in the post.

the compile was fine, the test-suite is now running.

as i've got a 5mb perl, i assume to have got a static perl and i'll go 
on with the suggestions in the post...

i'll post my results as soon as available.

> Gilles
thanks for the hint!


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