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DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 12 17:08:24 PST 2008

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Me again!
>  I seem to have an excess of man pages from vim.  It's possible I've
> fubar'd something when I removed my own "everything UTF-8" commands,
> it's equally possible vim has always done this duplication.  So I'll
> start by asking if other people have this:
> fr pages in man/fr man/fr.ISO8859-1 man/fr.UTF-8
> it pages in man/it man/it.ISO8859-1 man/it.UTF-8
> pl pages in man/pl man/pl.ISO8859-2 man/pl.UTF-8
> ru pages in man/ru.KOI8-R man/ru.UTF-8
>  Each of these is a full set.
Confirmed.  Looks like vim devs are trying to please everyone. :-)  
That's actually nice in a way.  At very least, cut one of the legacy 
encoded sets for each and let the user decide what (if anything) to do 
with both sets.  The ones in the UTF-8 directories are correctly encoded 
UTF-8 (as you might have guessed), and old file incorrectly identifies 
_all_ the rest as iso8859-1 (translates to it's an 8bit encoding but it 
doesn't know how to determine which).  At any rate, my preference is 
still to see a slow transition to all UTF8 (when provided and where 
convenient) and let man-db do it's thing.

-- DJ Lucas

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