6.4-rc1 test results

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Nov 12 11:49:33 PST 2008

 Such as they are, here are the things I noted from my test logs.  My
build had the following variations from the book:

1. built from a host with a kernel, and used
2. glibc was given configparms of
"CFLAGS += -march=i686 -mtune=native"
and configured with --enable-kernel=current
3. some of the static libraries were renamed so that they are not
available as a matter of course.  Of course, muggins here decided it
would be a good idea to get rid of a static zlib, onyl to have to
revert that for module-init-tools.

 I failed to run tests for bash, file, gzip because of errors in my

glibc-2.8 looked superb, just the annex.c message.

gcc-4.3.2 had 1 XPASS in libstdc++ which is as good as I can

e2fsprog-1.41.3 claimed to pass all tests, despite the following:
swap1: ./test_probe: line 39:
../../../lib/blkid/tests/tmp/swap1.results: No such file or
./test_probe: line 42: mkswap: command not found

coreutils-6.12 had a couple of tests skipped for missing locales,
which is odd because I installed all the locales.
PASS: test-math
Skipping test: no turkish Unicode locale is installed
SKIP: test-mbscasecmp.sh
PASS: test-mbsstr1
PASS: test-mbsstr2.sh
Skipping test: no chinese GB18030 locale is installed
SKIP: test-mbsstr3.sh

 I only noticed these because I noticed one of them while scrolling,
it's possible that htese tests have always skipped but I don't have
any 6.12 logs on this box.

gettext-0.17 : as I said earlier, this seemed to hang, but the log
from my final attempt claimed to run all of the lock tests ok.  It
failed in format-c-5 which is not something I remember seeing

grep-2.5.3 was as the book says.

 Everything else seemed ok, even vim (which is the first time I
can remember that).

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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