gmp required ABI=32

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Wed Nov 12 03:44:17 PST 2008

Ken Moffat schrieb:

>>>  This implies Tobias has both a compiler and libc in chroot that are
>>> able to handle -m64.
>> No. See above.

base system is lfs, compiled in february 08 with kernel 2.6.24
no 64bit compiler or library

the cpu is 64bit capable

> You appear to have set $CFLAGS, perhaps you also need to tell GMP
> the
> intended ABI, see "ABI and ISA" in the manual.

i recompiled again without ABI=32 and found the above message.

then i recompiled without CFLAGS and gmp compiled fine.

>  So, I suppose we ought to warn people, and tell them to add ABI=32
> if they are using their own CFLAGS on an AMD_x86_64 ?

there are other packages where the book warns about CFLAGS, thus i think 
it would be fine to add a warning with gmp too.

>  Anyone got a 64-bit-capable intel to confirm if those are also
> affected ?
yes. me!

thanks for your analysis.

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